Ancient DNA Tells Tales of Humans’ Migratory History

Fueled by advances in analyzing DNA from the bones of ancient humans, scientists have dramatically expanded the number of samples studied­­ – revealing vast and surprising migrations and genetic mixing of populations in our prehistoric past._hhmi

Unearthing a masterpiece

A University of Cincinnati team’s stunning discovery of a rare Minoan sealstone in the treasure-laden tomb of a Bronze Age Greek warrior promises to rewrite the history of ancient Greek art. _University of Cincinnati

Antikythera shipwreck yields statue pieces and mystery bronze disc

Marine archaeologists investigating the ancient shipwreck that yielded the Antikythera mechanism — a complex, bronze, geared device that predicted eclipses and showed the movements of the Sun, Moon and planets in the sky — have recovered a wealth of treasures, including bronze and marble statue pieces, a sarcophagus lid and a mysterious bronze disc decorated with a bull. The artefacts were trapped under boulders in a previously unexplored part of the site near the island of Antikythera, Greece, and the researchers think that large parts of at least seven statues are still buried nearby. _Nature News & Comment

Macabre variety of Iron Age burial practices

Unusual and macabre burial practices used by Iron Age Britons have been discovered by researchers from the Natural History Museum and Cardiff University.__Cardiff University

Mystery on the marsh

A newly discovered Anglo-Saxon island is one of the most important archaeological finds in decades.__The University of Sheffield

Greek and Danish archaeologists excavate the ancient Greek harbour town Lechaion

In Greece, underwater excavations of Lechaion, ancient Corinth’s partially submerged harbour town, reveal the infrastructure of more than a thousand years of flourishing maritime trade. Researchers from the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports and the University of Copenhagen are using cutting-edge methods to uncover the configuration and scale of the harbor._ University of Copenhagen_Faculty of Humanities

The Tomb of the Griffin Warrior

A rare and rich tomb discovery in Greece opens a window on early Mycenaeans who lived generations before their legendary heroes fought at Troy._ James Kensington_Popular Archaeology