Underwater city full of gloomy octopuses

A feather from one of the most elusive birds in the world has been found in South Australia, the first proof in more than a century that it lives there._Science

Coral polyps

Coral polyps appear totally helpless at first. So how do they manage to survive, breed and form giant structures like the Great Barrier Reef? _ ABS

Rapid plankton growth in ocean seen as sign of carbon dioxide loading

A microscopic marine alga is thriving in the North Atlantic to an extent that defies scientific predictions, suggesting swift environmental change as a result of increased carbon dioxide in the ocean, a study led a by Johns Hopkins University scientist has found._HUB_Johns Hopkins University

Icy Rosette Recovery

A rosette with seawater from various depths is retrieved from the Arctic Ocean by Coast Guard Cutter Healy._ Scripps Institution of Oceanography