Catastrophic construction: Storms can build reef islands in atoll regions

Boulder, Colo., USA: Tropical storms, with waves reaching up to 10-meters-high, can wallop coral reef islands. As global temperatures increase, some scientists suggest that such storms will become more frequent and intense over the next few decades. Additionally, potential sea level rise is perceived as a threat to the continued existence of these remote, low-lying communities.

The volatile processes that shaped Earth

Based on observations of newly-forming stars, scientists know that the solar system began as a disc of dust and gas surrounding the centrally-growing sun. The gas condensed to solids which accumulated into larger rocky bodies like asteroids and mini-planets. Over a period of 100 million years these mini-planets collided with one another and gradually accumulated into the planets we see today, including the Earth._Oxford University

Multiple Cosmic Impacts 790,000 Years Ago

Approximately 790,000 years ago there were multiple cosmic impacts on earth with global consequences. Geoscientists from Heidelberg University reached this conclusion after dating so-called tektites from various parts of the world.__Heritage Daily

Scientists probe ‘mystery of the Moho’

An international team of scientists, co-led by Professor Chris MacLeod from the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences, will set sail for a remote location in the Indian Ocean as part of an expedition to test a 100-year-old theory that currently underpins our understanding of the Earth’s structure._Cardiff University